Seasons of the Soul
Christine Walker

The Happy Life Formula – 8 week Complete Wellbeing Programme

The Seasons of the Soul ‘Get Clear, Get Confident & Get a Life You Love’ series© presents the ‘The Happy Life Formula’ offering total nourishment for the mind, the body and the essential Spirit. 

Many people feel or somehow have an inner knowing that they are capable of a life more enriching than the one they are currently living, but they just don’t know how to get it and somehow life just gets in the way. 

Most often life will throw a curve ball in the form of a serious health condition, redundancy, loss of a loved one, break up of a relationship and more, which will act as a ‘wake-up call’ to get you to do something more meaningful and purposeful in your life.  The truth is, our success in life is in direct proportion to our clarity of purpose and our level of passion, belief and action.  Having dreams and goals is directly related to our fulfilment and success in life, but they are useless if we don’t follow through on them.  To achieve anything, you must know what you want and to get clear on what you want, you must first create your own vision.

In this 8 week programme we will co-create a life you love.  We’ll get clear on where you most desire change in your life and we’ll create a vision of what those changes look like; we’ll then iron out any blocks to you having unshakeable self- confidence to make those changes and we’ll help you to grow in a way that you have an a renewed zest for life, living a life that is happy, successful and measured by meaning and purpose.  We will make YOU the main focus of your attention and I’ll support you while you learn to trust your own instincts – your wise SELF

As you work through the programme, you’ll learn to:
  • Put yourself at the top of the list.   You’ll learn to make the practice of SELF-care your new standard for living.  I’ll show you how to build a strong relationship with yourself and connect with your inner wisdom to create a life that reflects your true desires. 
  • Get your priorities straight.   I’ll show you how to stop reacting to life and start taking control of what gets your time and attention.  You’ll set new priorities that mirror what’s really important to you and learn strategies to ensure that they are honoured. 
  • What’s draining you?   I’ll show you how to identify and eliminate what drains you.  Whether it’s a disorganised office, a cluttered home and drains your energy.  I’ll show you how to plug those energy drains once and for all. 
  • Invest in your financial health.   You’ll learn specific ways to get your financial house in order and build financial reserves so that you no longer feel like a victim to life and you’ll attract more money by practising these basic money management skills. 
  • What’s fuelling you?   I’ll show you how to kick the adrenaline habit and use healthier forms of energy – like the company of good friends, fun exercise, functional nutrition to make you feel alive and soul empowering activities. 
  • Build a ‘soulful’ community.   I’ll suggest specific ways to surround yourself with a community of high-quality relationships that will support, challenge and encourage you to be your best. 
  • Honour your spiritual well-being.   I’ll show you how to take time for the most important relationship of all – the connection to your inner wisdom, the voice of your Soul.  You’ll create a personal practice and spend time every day nurturing your spiritual well-being. 
  • Your abundant SELF.   You’ll learn to recognise your strengths and the fullness of your life and the ability to attract more of what you want.  Together we’ll build a self-love first aid kit which provides you with all the tools and skills you need to manoeuvre yourself through life’s little challenges ~ shifting the focus from problem to solution. 
The ‘8 week Happy Life Formula’ includes:
  • An mp3 for deep mind and body relaxation to help start the process of a calmer mind
  • 8 x 90 minute individual coaching and hypnotherapy sessions which offer flexibility and are done over 20 weeks to suit.
  • Lifestyle analysis with nutritional recommendations
  • Email support between sessions to discuss progress and answer unlimited questions
  • A range of highly effective strategies using life purpose coaching, hypnotherapy and integrative healing modalities for creating calm in the mind and the body thus enabling you to make better decisions, enjoy improved confidence and self-esteem, optimise your creativity, have increased energy, live your life purpose and get a life you love
  • Feedback and homework ~ you will receive a set of exercises for reflection and completion in your own time to help you explore your life in a meaningful and purposeful way. 
“Your greatest SELF has been waiting your whole life, don’t make it wait any longer”~ Dr Steve Maraboli


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