Seasons of the Soul
Christine Walker

The 'Soul Journey Sessions' are 90 minute tailor-made sessions designed to help you through your Cancer Journey and are made up of any combination of clinical hypnotherapy for cognitive and behavioural change, nutritional coaching for maintaining wellness, holistic therapies and Anusha healing for activating the body's own natural healing mechanism and regression work to reflect over your life to bring about peacefulness and calm as well as understanding, harmony and alignment to your life as a whole.

For further information and/or to book your ‘6 for the price 5' soul journey sessions’ ~ bespoke sessions to encourage wellness of the mind, the body, the emotions and the vital spirit, please call Christine on 07456 656644 or email

For further exploration into the Soul's Plan, you may wish to consider a session of Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration (part of the Life and Soul Continuum).


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