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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Self-confidence is a psychological quality related to (but distinct from) self-esteem ~ in fact it is the most important quality related to CHANGE. 

Taking you from where you are:

You may have been feeling:
  • shy and uneasy, in fact avoiding challenges or change
  • uncomfortable in certain situations, perhaps staying in the background rather than voicing your opinion and would rather stay in your comfort zone
  • feeling nervous, irritable or angry
  • uncertain of yourself, starting to doubt your own abilities
  • unsure of your needs, plagued with a fear of failure
  • sense of worthlessness, unmotivated
  • negative thoughts about yourself, dismissing compliments
  • finding it hard to relax and thus waking up during the night worrying
  • a lack of focus, procrastination 

To where you want to be:

Having high levels of self-confidence can have huge benefits for all areas of your life (including relationships, career, social life and state of mind) and many people who lack self-confidence aspire to be more confident. Self-confidence refers to having faith in your own abilities, and is usually considered to be made up of a variety of factors such as social confidence, stage presence, peer independence, physical presence and status confidence.

How would it feel:
  • To walk into an interview and not feel nervous?
  • To pass your driving test first time?
  • To go on that first date and feel totally relaxed?
  • To be comfortable in social situations where you know no one?
  • To finally take control of your smoking/eating/drinking habits?
  • To give that Best Man’s speech with recall, fluidity and humour?
  • To give a public talk or pitch to a client and feel at ease?
  • To meet your partners parents for the first time and feel confident within, whatever the outcome?
  • To submit a book proposal and have self-belief that you will get a book deal?
  • To feel OK when saying no to a loved one?
  • To feel self-assured when confronting a difficult colleague?

The good news is that self-confidence is a skill that can often be developed. The first step is to acknowledge the current level of self-confidence and the cause of low self-confidence, and then find ways to build upon this until confidence becomes a deeply ingrained quality. Self-confidence can be seen in a number of ways, such as in an individual’s body language, the way they speak, how they react to certain situations and their behaviour.

Causes of low self-confidence

Your confidence is directly linked to your earlier life and your belief system, i.e. how you perceive your world.  The good news is that if something can be learned (a habit), it can be un-learned and a more appropriate thought, feeling, behaviour put in its place.

How, where, when will change happen?

Wellness Coaching will work on the here and now to identify:
  • Goal – what it is you would like to achieve
  • Reality – what is going on in your world right now that could support your attainment of this goal
  • Obstacles and Options – what has prevented you getting this goal in the past and what options are available to you right now in order to make the small steps to the bigger changes
  • When, where, what, with whom – when will this change take place, where will it take place, what else do you need to make this happen, who else needs to help you
Once the end result has been identified, we will reinforce cognitive and behavioural change with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.

Clinical Hypnotherapy has very high success rates for helping those suffering from low self-confidence. Hypnotherapy seeks to determine the root cause of the low self-confidence and then find ways to resolve it. Hypnosis can reach the unconscious mind and modify belief systems, and replace negative thought patterns with positive ones. This can boost self-confidence and completely change an individual’s life.
The '6 Week SELF-Empowerment Programme' will be perfect for you.


Confidence is the innate resource that we possess but the very thing we’ve forgotten ~ it is the skill that underpins all change and is linked to our self-belief.  We are all capable of feeling confident.  Confidence can be nurtured and developed at any age, you just need to know how. Having unshakeable self-confidence is a magnet that attracts people and situations towards you which will help you to get closer to reaching your goals.  When you believe in yourself, you send out the positive vibe that you have the talent, ability and skills to handle whatever life sends your way.  The self-confidence booster programme will reinstall your attitude that says ‘I can, I will, I am’.

Plan of Action

Sometimes change can feel overwhelming and it can manifest in you feeling stuck.  If you’re ready to become unstuck, give Christine a call on 07456 656644 or email to arrange your free consultation which includes a mini relaxation session.

The '6 Week SELF-Empowerment Programme' will be ideal for you.
REMEMBER, it's ok to not know how things are going to change, the main thing is recognising that things DO need to change.


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