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Christine Walker

Have you been given a Cancer diagnosis?

By 2020, half of us are predicted to get cancer at some point in our lives  -  source uk

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  • Have you just been given a Cancer diagnosis?
  • Does it feel like a wake-up call?
  • Is worry about the future causing you to feel stressed and out of control?
  • Do you feel lost, stuck, afraid and uncertain of what’s going to happen?
  • Are your friends and family feeling overwhelmed and needing support?

Having a cancer diagnosis can be frightening, overwhelming and numbing all at the same time, but rather than have an 'all or nothing' approach, 'black and white' thinking or a feeling of doom, it can be the start of a journey of self-discovery.  A journey that allows you to uncover, recover and discover who you really are.  During this time, you are both the student, learning and reflecting, as well as the teacher, leading by example and offering up your learning journey to teach those around you how to take responsibility for their own lives.

Whether you choose the natural healing route, the traditional medical way or an Integrated Medicine approach, I'm here to provide holistic support & spiritual guidance to people & their families following a Cancer diagnosis.   Each session is completely bespoke and will encompass holistic wellbeing for the mind, the body, the emotions and the vital spirit.  We can ascertain your needs at the point of consultation.

Call me NOW for a FREE* consultation where we can discuss the next steps and I can teach you some simple strategies to help you remain calm, feel relaxed and take control during this time.

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