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Christine is the bees knees ����� she goes above and beyond to help and support you – Judi F, Bedfordshire
If I had the option to put ten stars I would.
I went to Christine with some serious back pain, after just an hour of her time it already felt much better.
Christine is also amazing because she doesn't just kick you out the door after your time is up she's finishes her sessions properly and makes sure you are completely happy before you leave. Never met such a more lovely caring woman (apart from my mum �) and I would highly recommend!! – Martin S, Bedfordshire
Christine’s working title is a Wellness Coach.  She explains from the outset what that means and helps you to further understand that health is the positive things, not just the negative effects with symptoms.  By changing the way we think, we change the way we feel.  You can be assured that when you walk into her beautiful therapy room, you will be listen to and heard and you will get exactly what you need.  You leave the serenity of her space feeling much better and knowing the steps you can take to help yourself.  Just amazing.  – Anne J, Buckinghamshire

Feedback from a Life Between Lives Spiritual Integration Session for a client from Malta for whom English was not her first language.

Q. Was it an enjoyable session?

A. Yes, it was an extremely enjoyable experience in that it was insightful, comfortable, jaw-dropping, and unforgettable all at once.  I’ve never experienced VR gaming, but I have a suspicion it must be quite similar. So this means that it was also entertaining!

Q. What did you originally hope to achieve from your session? Were these outcomes met?

A. The insights and answers were not straightforward, neither were they direct. But if it were so, it would have left out all of the fun for self-discovery.  The outcomes seem to be achieved after the session, as more life experiences unfold in their own time.  Surprisingly, it feels as if there was an unblocking of an issue which I did not perceive to be major, i.e. now I do not panic if a work meeting has been prolonged and taking up my lunchtime. Another surprise was the ‘leadership’ theme; at work or in other activities I tend to resort to the benches despite being full of creative ideas (for fear of making a fool of myself or being rejected).  Deep down I know I am denying myself to shine, so it’s time to buckle up and have more fun with those ideas.    
Q. What aspects of your session were of most benefit to you? What was the most significant experience you had?     

A. The totality of the experience was fruitful on many levels.  The old bag-lady who gets on the evening bus after rummaging through rubbish is not the same as I used to see her before. Although everyone complains that she stinks, I refuse to change my seat, and more so I refuse to condemn her for who she is, even if most of the other passengers are making fun of her.  Although my Mum and Dad’s advice sometimes seems so harsh, it’s about time I see them as ‘valuable gifts’.  I have a suspicion that Mum and Dad (and perhaps the bag lady too) are extremely special beings I may not reincarnate with in the future. 

Q. What did you find to be the most helpful things that I did during your session?

A. The most striking thing ever is your ability to bring your side to the client and the session.  I could not see the faintest negative streak ever in anything about you at no point in time at all.  This must be the source of energy that thankfully for such lengthy, hard work!  Several times whenever I spoke with other professionals, despite their level of expertise or string of qualifications, I could always sense some discomfort when I told them about my uneasy past.  Almost all of them lacked the human side (and human warmth), probably out of fear of transference and out of fear of dealing with professional-client boundaries.  All the clients needs are taken care of too (thermal couch!, fruit, biscuits, good company, the skylight, etc.) – these also need merit.

Q. What might I have done better to enhance your sense of rapport, safety, the depth of your trance and the richness of your experience?

A. Nothing to add, it was beyond excellence!

Q. Have you noticed insights and changes as a result of my LBL session (this can come during waking and sleeping hours). Yes / No            Please explain:
  1. I take more enjoyment out of sleeping and dreaming.  Also, I now feel I should look at dreams as something more fulfilling, rather than ‘useless’ products of the mind as I used to view them.
  2. I wake up feeling happy and more satisfied, even though I have little idea why!
  3. I feel extremely calm, as though I went through a buffet of meditation sessions (which in principle is what a LBL session is like!)
  4. I fret tens of times less about things I now realize are mundane (e.g. what other people do or think, my diet, etc.)
  5. I am able to be more patient when people pop out of nowhere telling me about their lives, (I usually used to look at this as a nuisance or a sabotage to my time, now I see this as ground for self-development)
  6. I have more confidence in my intuitive awareness – as if I’m allowing more direct contact with my higher self           
Please offer any additional suggestions or comments that you wish so that I can best serve others or you in the future.
A. No suggestions except for a big thank you for being so authentic, open and heart-warming – Christine M, Malta 


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