Seasons of the Soul
Christine Walker

Some of Today's Health Challenges

» 1 in 2 people die of cardiovascular disease.
» People go broke paying for hospital bills, medications, surgical operations and insurance.
» Medications have a lot of side effects and surgeries are traumatic to the body while offering no guarantees. They may even be the cause of death.
» Despite medical interventions people are still crippled with arthritis, diabetes, cancer, low energy, digestive issues, Multiple Sclerosis and many other chronic illnesses.
» The solution is not to try fixing the symptoms but to get to the underlying problem and improve your health.


Synergy came up with a three-pronged approach to these modern health issues with unique products that:
a. Increase Nitric Oxide Levels
b. Reduce Inflammation
c. Balance pH
1. ProArgi-9 Increases Nitric Oxide! ("Circulates and Enhances")
2. Mystify Reduces Inflammation! ("Boosts and Protects")
3. PhytoLife balances pH! ("Builds and Strengthens")

HOW DO I ORDER The V3 System?

You can buy your V3 System direct from me at Seasons of the Soul with no postage costs for collection.

Call me to place your order on 07456 656644

or Complete the contact form here and I will give you a call.

Alternatively as Seasons of the Soul is an Authorised Distributor with Synergy Worldwide, you can buy direct “Quoting ID Reference 1824420” at the Checkout. Please note you must enter this code in order to receive the product.  - 
“Quoting ID Reference 1824420 at checkout”



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