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Functional Daily Nutrition

Just as Functional Medicine approaches the body from the perspective of treating the root cause of disease, Functional Nutrition looks at the foundational way that food affects your body on the cellular level. Food is energy and much more than calories, in fact there are millions of molecules of information in every bite of food that you eat! These molecules enter your body effecting how your cells behave and this has a knock-on effect to how you feel.

Eating healthy is essential for both preventing illness and for recovering from disease. For example, specific nutrients can help your liver detoxification pathways, give you sustained energy, help you sleep deeply, and support your general well-being.
Conversely, research shows that food can be your poison as well, especially if you make poor choices and continue to eat food that harms your body.  In a patient-centred approach to healing, I will assess your lifestyle and both your internal and external environments and then create an individualised plan that restores and maintains your optimal health – see below Lifestyle Analysis.

"The food you eat can either be the safest, most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison"

You are an amazingly complex being and your bodily systems are both independent, yet interdependent - when one body system is underperforming, those immediately linked to it are also affected and this has a knock-on effect on your overall physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

A Lifestyle Analysis is a detailed bespoke questionnaire providing a quick and easy way to discover which of your bodily systems may be weak and in need of nutritional support.  Developed by a team of health specialists, this analysis enables you to pick up on potential system weaknesses, giving you the opportunity to restore balance to each system.   Lifestyle suggestions will be made along with recommendations for nutritional boosters in the form of high quality supplementation designed to ‘plug the gap’ of what you are presently missing in your diet.

"You are only as strong as your weakest system"

Natural health and wellness has the power to change lives and in today’s world of overhyped ingredients, questionable claims and come-and-go products, it is worth noting that not all supplements are created equal; confusion can lead to incorrect choices, based often on quantity versus quality.  If you are new to supplements, call to schedule your appointment for your Lifestyle Analysis, which will help you decide which products are right for you.  All supplements and nutritional boosters are organic and are of the highest quality available, developed by an expert team of Nutritionists, Biologists, Pharmacists and Herbalists.  Each of the organic formulations are subjected to rigorous quality control checks achieving the highest standards in the industry.

  • 1 hour Face to Face OR Skype consultation
  • An individualised plan to help restore and maintain your optimal health
  • 15 minute follow-up call after 30 days and again at 90 days
Please note recommended supplements and nutritional boosters carry an additional cost*

For further information and to book your bespoke Health Consultation, please call Christine on 07456 656644 or email

* 90 Day Money Back Guarantee if you do not see an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing within 90 days.


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