Seasons of the Soul
Christine Walker

6 week SELF-Empowerment Programme

The Seasons of the Soul ‘Get Clear, Get Confident & Get a Life You Love’ series© presents the ‘6 week SELF-Empowerment Programme’ a 6 week intensive programme designed to re-install your SELF-confidence and belief so that you can take back your control and start making some immediate, powerful changes in your personal and professional life - this will help you to start living a happier, more purposeful, more authentic life that you really love. 

At a basic level, the term 'empowerment' simply means 'becoming powerful'.  Building personal empowerment involves reflecting on your personal values, skills and goals and being prepared to adjust your behaviour in order to achieve your dreams, your desires.
The ‘6 week SELF – Empowerment Programme’ will give YOU the ability to:
  • Take control of your circumstances and achieve your own goals in your personal and working life.
  • Become more aware of your inner strengths and how to utilise them to overcome problems as they arise, shifting the focus to solutions and thus making it easier to achieve your goals
  • Enhance the contribution you make both as an individual and as a member of a team, whether this be at home, at work, or in other situations.
  • Take opportunities to enhance personal growth and create a sense of fulfilment. 
The ‘6 week SELF-Empowerment Programme’ will reinstall your attitude that says ‘I can, I will, I am’.
The ‘6 week SELF-Empowerment Programme’ includes:
  • 6 x 90 minute individual coaching and hypnotherapy sessions which are done on a weekly basis over 8 weeks
  • Email support between sessions for tips and to discuss progress
  • A range of highly effective strategies using coaching and hypnotherapy so that you can build your personal Confidence Tool Box and START LIVING A BETTER LIFE NOW
  • Feedback and homework ~ you will receive a set of exercises for reflection and completion in your own time to help you explore your life in a meaningful and purposeful way. 
“Change your thoughts and you change your world” ~ Norman Vincent Peale




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