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Life and Soul Continuum Discovery Sessions

Age Regression

The word regression simply means to “go back” and as such refers to the facilitation of remembering the past. Regression is a systematic therapeutic model used in hypnosis to uncover suppressed, repressed and sublimated information which may be responsible for somatic phenomena, negative or harmful behavioural patterns, or life choices which are no longer serving your best interests.

Conversely, regression can also allow you to recapture resources that have somehow been left behind or forgotten (positive regression).  These may include confidence, trust, bravery, self-esteem, joy or another quality which would allow you to live your life more purposefully.  

The process of hypnotic age regression allows you in a safe and detached way to return to an earlier stage of your current life in order to explore a memory or to get in touch with an aspect of your personality which may be difficult to access; through this process you can find the beginning or cause of an issue (sensitising event or point of origin) to release past trauma, de-condition established habits and thus neutralise it.  By going back to the beginning, the subconscious mind can find repressed trauma, discover the sources of compulsive behaviours or obsessive thinking, find the source of fears and phobias, or re-pattern key relationships. With post-hypnotic suggestions, these erroneous beliefs and the emotional pain associated with them can be removed and replaced with new beliefs.  The outmoded behaviours can be re-framed to make way for a new, healthier lifestyle that opens the door to happiness, joy and a new view of life.
Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is the deliberate, conscious retrieval of memories and experiences that occurred in other lifetimes.  We look beyond the veil of separation into the subconscious mind to gather knowledge and understanding of the deeper aspects of our personality and character.  This insight often brings about healing, change and expansion.

There are 2 main reasons why someone would choose to look at a past life:
Curiosity:  Perhaps you want to know who or what you were in a previous life?
A reoccurring event: Something which keeps manifesting itself in this lifetime, yet has its origins in a Past Life. For example, something which cannot be explained by the events of this life, i.e. a physical ailment, relationship issues, family difficulties, unexplainable fears and phobias as well as  talents, skills and abilities which may have no bearing  to  your family or the environment in which you have been brought up.Seeing the roots of challenges in our past lives can help us work through them in this life. 

As we gain greater access to our past lives, we discover the power to alter not just our present, but with the wisdom uncovered, we can begin to create a more fulfilling future.  Moreover, we begin to realise that all of us are part of one another and connected in a significant way.

Many of us have questions about life and what lies beyond it: 'What is my purpose on Earth?' 'Is there a "spirit world"?' 'What is it like and what happens there?' 'Will I be reunited with loved ones?'

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Spiritual regression therapy, better known as Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (LBL), seeks to help clients answer these and many more questions.

Developed by Dr Michael Newton, author of 'Journey of Souls' and 'Destiny of Souls', LBL Hypnotherapy utilises a deep state of trance, affording individuals the opportunity to access the deeper echelons of the super-conscious mind and ultimately, soul memories. Dr Newton discovered that when clients access this stage, they could re-experience the planning of their next incarnation, which may actually be their current life.

LBL is similar to Past Life Regression, but the two techniques do differ. The main focus of the LBL approach is the re-experiencing of the soul-state of 'life between lives'. It is felt that insights gained during this trance experience could lead to a deeper understanding of challenges experienced in a client's current life.

Benefits of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy:
  • Knowledge of your true soul nature; who am I?
  • Soul Directed Guidance
  • Enhanced Relationships
  • Awareness of your special gifts
  • Am I following my Soul purpose?
  • What are my karmic lessons to learn in this life and have they affected me in Past Lives too?
  • And so much more...
Future Life Progression

Future Life Progression (FLP) uses the Life and Soul continuum and is a life changing experience.  The word ‘progression’ means to go forward and the human mind has the capacity to naturally go forward and backwards in time to uncover, recover and discover lost or forgotten resources as well as receiving advice and support from the wisdom of the future self who has gained insight and understanding and can help you to make the necessary changes you need to make in your current life.

Brought to our attention by psychic Anne Jirsch and developed from the extraordinary experiences of hundreds of people who have undergone Past Life Regression to heal past traumas and resolve karmic issue, Future Life Progression is a powerful interactive experience that moves beyond the blocks that have held you back and enables you to glimpse possible futures, both in this life and beyond. The insight and understanding gleaned helps you to make better decisions in the now so that you can continue to live the rest of your life in a more purposeful and fulfilling way.
So many people are feeling stuck in certain areas of their lives from financial issues to health problems, relationship difficulties and other limitations that stop them living their best lives.  FLP helps you to follow your true path and live the life you were meant to live, i.e. the life of your dreams. 

FLP uses hypnosis and visualisation to guide the process and take you to a new level of awareness and understanding.  It is an empowering process that awakens your unconscious mind and helps you to uncover your innate natural resources, abilities and creativity for optimal potential.

Use FLP to:
  • Make better health and lifestyle choices
  • Make better career decisions
  • See how relationships unfold
  • Make more appropriate financial decisions
  • Ascertain future trends in business and finance
  • See advancements in research
  • Find the perfect place to live
  • Have a glimpse of what the world will look like in the future
Every question is valid and there is always one or more answers.

This list is not exhaustive and these are just a selection of questions you can ask yourself:
  • What line of work/career should I be in
  • Will I get pregnant
  • Who will be in my life
  • Will this person fit in with the team
  • Will we get married
  • Should I work on products or services
  • What shall I call the title of my book
  • Should I take this business venture/opportunity
  • Where will I be living
  • Will my business be successful
  • Will my financial situation improve
  • Am I in the right relationship
  • How can I improve my health
Available as individual sessions or as part of the 'Life and Soul Continuum Programme'.  

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